Gunshot Fireworks

I remember that Christmas
Gunshots were our fire works
Bodies lay helter skelter
On the streets, children with no shelter
Funny how we can be neighbors
In one minute all our endeavors
Crushed under an unknown mallet
Our brothers’ blood yearned on our pallet
Cars were stoned when they tried to hoot
Opportunists took to loot
Skies filled with smoky soot
Lifeless bodies packed in police boots
I ducked to avoid the bullet
Tried to escape; there was no outlet
The house of my love almost torched
Neighborly policies scorched
Peace inevitably broached
People killed like they are being poached
We ganged up to become armed colonies
Every tribe became enemies
Fighting for friends in higher power
Leaving us with stray bullets to shower
In solitude I used to pray
All would end and peace would have a say
All would just work
But I still woke up to gunshot fireworks
When we were lucky to watch the news
Bodies drowned in bloody stews
I couldn’t tell whether they were Luos or Kikuyus
All because of ethnocentric views
My heart clenches into a fist
We suffer, they feast
They know the art of manipulation
To create commotion
All in all Kenyans we will be
What the future holds we wait to see
Ask me if it is going to work?

I don’t know, I just don’t want gunshot fireworks

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